Kyoko Inoue Revealed for Spark Japanese Legends Seminar with Aja Kong, assisted by Sumie Sakai

Kyoko Inoue revealed to be "X" as Spark Pro Wrestling Dojo presents Japanese Legends Seminar!

Wrestling Seminar with Aja Kong and Kyoko Inoue

In addition to appearing in action at Trailblaze 2024, both Aja Kong and Kyoko Inoue will impart their knowledge and experience from 80s AJW, 90s WWF (WWE) through to present day Japanese and American wrestling. They will be assisted by Spark Pro Wrestling Dojo head trainer, Sumie Sakai.

All genders and levels welcome. 18+ only.

A unique opportunity to learn the art of pro wrestling from some of the biggest legends of joshi puroresu.

Takes place during Mania Week on Friday April 5th 6:30pm at Worldwide Wrestling Dojo in PA!

Tickets now on sale for the Japanese Legends Seminar with Aja Kong and Kyoko Inoue

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