About SPARK Joshi

SPARK Joshi Puroresu of America (Spark Joshi) is the first Japanese-style women's pro wrestling brand in the United States.

Why Joshi Puroresu?

We use the term "Joshi Puroresu" deliberately: Literally, it translates to women's (or "girl") pro-wrestling in Japanese but just as "anime" ("animation" abbreviated) differentiates Japanese-style animation from American animation, and Lucha Libre connotes high-flying Mexican-inspired wrestling in both the US and Japan, we use the term "Joshi Puroresu" to signify all that sets the Joshi subculture apart from other women's pro wrestling organizations, including aesthetic, booking style, and presentation.

Our purpose is to proudly importing the unique, innovative, and rich culture of Joshi Puroresu to the west.

Will non-Japanese talent be involved?

Yes. While we spotlight Japanese talent in every show, we also include non-Japanese wrestlers who would just as well fit in as foreign talent in a Joshi organization based in Japan, especially those who have actual experience wrestling or training in Japan or have wrestled a style that would be a good fit for a show in Japan. If you're a wrestler who would like to be booked in our future shows, contact us here.

Will you work with other promotions?

As with many Joshi companies in Japan, we also firmly believe that "a rising tide lifts all boats". If you're a promoter or someone else in the industry who would like to work with us, get in touch with us!

How are you different from (name of any existing or past women's promotion)?

We will feature Japanese talent on every show. While it may be tempting to compare our concept with existing or past promotions by the nature of being a women's only promotion, we are as different from others as a men's lucha promotion is from other male-dominated indie promotions. We are not only "Joshi-style" in the sense of women's-only cards; we are importing the booking style, presentation style, rules format, and authentic Joshi talent from Japan. We would like to thank all of our supporters who understood and have supported the vision.

Where and when to see SJPA live

We will be announcing our shows on social media as well as our official newsletter.

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