Maya Yukihi joins Spark Joshi at RISING HEAT EAST in Orlando, FL

Maya Yukihi joins Spark Joshi Puroresu at Rising Heat East in Orlando, Florida on October 14th.

Maya Yukihi Spark Joshi Puroresu

Originally from Chiba, Japan, Maya Yukihi made her in-ring debut in 2014 and has since held multiple titles in Ice Ribbon and Oz Academy. In 2020, she launched the Rebel x Enemy unit, which was represented by members Ram Kaichow and Rina Yamashita at Spark Joshi's inaugural events. Next, fans in America can see her live at Spark Joshi's Rising Heat East in Orlando!

Spark Joshi's Rising Heat East will take place at the Engelwood Neighborhood Center in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, October 14th. (Doors open at 4pm, bell at 5pm.)
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Spark Joshi Puroresu

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